The solution for physical security

Our response to the shared requirements will be by providing a holistic solution that will resolve all current highlighted issues and that will be the foundation of all future security elements for high security needed areas:

Data Collection
Data Analysis & Correlation
Resolution Recommendation
Prediction & Suggestions
Reporting & Alarms
Audit Trail
Modification & Enhancement
Interoperability Integration

What do we offer today?

Easy to Buy
Fit to Global Standarts
Flexible & Scalable
Low Maintenance / Support Needs

What Are Benefits Of iSIM?

Real-time monitoring and management
Condition Analyze & Instant Information
Reduction of errors due to human factor
Collecting, analyzing and interpreting historical data
Perform dynamic analysis, identification and reporting
Preventing violations and providing emergency management effectively
The fastest and most efficient response to any incident or emergency issues
Separate equipment for each subsystem, reducing the need for a separate operator
Elimination of chaotic structure from subsystems not communicating with each other

Our strengths and differences  

  • Easy & Fast Integration with any Sensor, Device or Third Party Subsystems
  • Instant Update and Deployment of Workflow Changes
  • Admin Friendly User Interface
  • Rich Inputs/Outputs Supported
  • Real Time Response
  • Independent Development Opportunities for Clients

Gate security components 

Plate Recognition
RFID Authentication
Underbody Inspection
X-Ray Vehicle Inspection
Biometric Access Security
Road Blocker
Security Cameras

Perimeter security components 

Intelligent Fence
Burried Cable Systems
Radar systems
Security Cameras
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Vehicle Tracking systems
RFID Human Tracking

Command and control center

Incident Management Center
Dispatch Center
Strategic Operations and Monitoring
Crisis Management Center
Management Room
Emergency Call Center

Any Kind Of Alarm Can Be Managed With iSIM?

Any kind of alarms can be managed from birth to death with Adaptive Workflows behind them.

The system is flexible to create and follow different scenarios and processes for various kind of alarms.

The Workflow for Alarm and Incident Management is a unique speciality offered by iSIM, numerous alarms and incidents can be managed simultaneously.

iSIM provides users independency on creating their own alarm and incident management via Dynamic Workflow Structure.

Our Other Solutions 


With iSIM more effective intelligent transportation systems such as Red Light Violation Detection System, Variable Message System, Corridor Speed Enforcement System and Parking Violation Detection System

Industry 4.0

iSIM is used for the management of sensors such as Extractive Gas Analyzers, In-Situ Gas Analyzers, 2D & 3D Machine Vision, Luminescence, Register, Color, Contrast, Pattern Sensors

Smart cities

iSIM is used for the management of sensors such as lighting, waste management, weather control, energy management, smart agriculture