Some of the things we do best

iSIM offers freedom thanks to its on-line central management and mobile support.Various functions like monitoring, managing, decision-making and reporting can be done from anywhere in the world either by mobile phone, tablet or notebook.

Industry 4.0

iSIM is designed for the management of sensors such as Extractive Gas Analyzers, In-Situ Gas Analyzers, 2D & 3D Machine Vision, Luminescence, Register, Color, Contrast, Pattern sensors.

Smart Transporttaion

As a result of iSIM, more effective intelligent transportation systems will be readily available such as the Red Light Violation Detection System, the Variable Message System, the Corridor Speed Enforcement System, and the Parking Violation Detection System.

Phsycal Security

It is possible to manage small or large areas using iSIM Physical Security tools, which include security cameras, access control systems, radars, buried cable systems, and smart fences.

Smart City

iSIM is used to manage sensors for a variety of applications, including lighting, waste management, weather control, energy management, and smart agriculture.