smart city

iSIM is used for the management of sensors such as lighting, waste management, weather control, energy management, smart agriculture.


With iSIM more effective intelligent transportation systems such as Red Light Violation Detection System, Variable Message System, Corridor Speed Enforcement System and Parking Violation Detection System.

ındustry 4.0

iSIM is used for the management of sensors such as Extractive Gas Analyzers, In-Situ Gas Analyzers, 2D & 3D Machine Vision, Luminescence, Register, Color, Contrast, Pattern Sensors.

 PhYsıcal security

Areas which are either small or large can be managed with iSIM Physical Security tools such as Security Cameras, Access Control Systems, Radars, Buried Cable Systems and Smart Fences. IGA preferred iSIMPlarform for security management.

What is iSIM?

iSIMPlatform is an Orchestration Platform that includes prominent features such as single point management, ability of integration with different systems, dynamic screen management, and customizable reporting screens in accordance with user’s needs.

iSIMPlatform stands out with its innovative architecture that can create the necessary infrastructures to communicate all sub-systems with each other, correlating the collected data, making automatic decisions and making trend analyzes and forecasting by the bigdata pool. iSIMPlatform, designed by the user requirements obtained through many years of field experience with a modern architecture enabled by today’s technology, offers a flexible and scalable infrastructure.

iSIMPlatform enables organizations to manage their operations more cost-effectively with the efficiency and productivity it provides. iSIMPlatform stands out as a platform that offers savings opportunities to institutions with this structure.


What Do iSIM Offers?

iSIM offers the ability to manage all components “over a single platform”


Offers cost effective purchasing according to its performance.

Fit to Global Standards

Compatible with global accepted protocols.

Low Maintenance

In the process of use, no need to pay high cost for maintenance & support.

Flexible & Scalable

The system has the ability to increase and/or decrease rapidly as desired according to the number of sensors and users.