iSIMPlatform is a Techonology Company developing software in the scope of Green and Smart Cities concept. iSIMPlatform especially can be used in the verticals of Smart City such as Intelligent Transportation, Smart Factories, Smart Metering, Smart Agriculture, etc.. iSIMPlatform enables monitoring and management of different technologies via single platform. iSIMPlatform contributes the sustainability of cities by its innovative infrastructure.

What iSIM offers for successful smart city projects

Sensors and other third-party systems cannot communicate with each other because of property oriented protocols they use. Because of the miscommunication between these systems, incident or emergency issues cannot be responded fast and effectively. This may cause operational chaos and financial losses.

Thanks to iSIMPlatform’s innovative and flexible structure, all sensors that communicate with different protocols, can be integrated into iSIMPlatform and managed on a single platform, brand & model independently.

Thanks to its scalable & future proof structure, costs can be reduced and institutions & organizations can be more profitable.

Some of the benefits of iSIM for Smart Cities are smart resources management, security and Safety in all dimensions, connected cities, improved sustainability and efficient cities.

iSIM provides up to %75 Reduction in Cost of Service in Smart Cities, up to %30 Reduction in Traffic Density, up to 15-20 Decrease in GHG Emissions, up to 15-20 Decrease in Commuting Time.

Disconnected Sensors & Field Devices
Lack of Interoperability
Catering for Today’s Requirements Only
Proprietary-Oriented Protocols, Systems & Devices
No Consideration for Future Needs
No Proper Adjustment for Client’s Feedback

Main concepts of smart city

IoT Sensors
Scada Management
Sensor Data Analyze
Automatic Quality Management Systems
Connected Sensors
Production Line Monitoring and Management

The solution for smart cities

Our response to the shared requirements will be by providing a holistic solution that will resolve all current highlighted issues and that will be the foundation of all future Smart City elements for the country

Data Collection
Data Analysis & Correlation
Resolution Recommendation
Prediction & Suggestions
Reporting & Alarms
Audit Trail
Modification & Enhancement
Interoperability Integration

What do we offer today?

Easy to Buy
Fit to Global Standarts
Flexible & Scalable
Low Maintenance / Support Needs

Our strengths and differences  

  • Easy & Fast Integration with any Sensor, Device or Third Party Subsystems
  • Instant Update and Deployment of Workflow Changes
  • Admin Friendly User Interface
  • Rich Inputs/Outputs Supported
  • Real Time Response
  • Independent Development Opportunities for Clients

Command and control center

Incident Management Center
Dispatch Center
Strategic Operations and Monitoring
Crisis Management Center
Management Room
Emergency Call Center

Alarm management & adaptive workflow

Any kind of alarms can be managed with Adaptive Workflows behind them. The system is flexible to create and follow different scenarios and processes for various kind of alarms. The Workflow for Alarm and Incident Management is a unique speciality offered by iSIM, numerous alarms and incidents can be managed simultaneously. iSIM provides users independency on creating their own alarm and incident management via Dynamic Workflow Structure.

Bluetooth based traffic analysis system

Calculated average travel time can be shared with citizens through Variable Message Signs (mobile platforms and websites.

The Bluetooth Based Traffic Analysis will support the Origin Destination services which will support managing the traffic in the city and provide accurate information for the citizen on the best route between the Origin and the Destination.

Sensor Origin Destination (O-D) Vector

Management and Monitoring

Origin Destination Travel Time Estimation and Analysis

Real Time Publishing Through Variable

Messaging System

Color Coded Traffic Flow Density Information on Estimated Travel Times

Our competitive advantage

iSIMPlatform stands out with its innovative architecture that can create the necessary infrastructures to communicate all sub-systems with each other, correlating the collected data, making automatic decisions and making trend analyzes by the bigdata pool.

iSIMPlatform, designed by the user requirements obtained through many years of field experience with a modern architecture enabled by today’s technology, offers a flexible and scalable infrastructure.

iSIMPlatform enables organizations to manage their operations more cost-effectively with the efficiency and productivity it provides. iSIMPlatform stands out as a platform that offers savings opportunities to institutions with this structure.

Thanks to iSIMPlatform, resources can be used more efficiently, which increases sustainability and efficiency in cities. Thanks to the efficiency provided by iSIMPlatform, the waste of resources can be prevented and this helps to reduce the damage to the environment. By using iSIMPlatform, human factor errors can be prevented.

iSIMPlatform can be used in all IP-based structures, especially in Smart City Projects.

Our other solutions 


With iSIM more effective intelligent transportation systems such as Red Light Violation Detection System, Variable Message System, Corridor Speed Enforcement System and Parking Violation Detection System

Physical Security

Areas which are either small or large can be managed with iSIM Physical Security tools such as Security Cameras, Access Control Systems, Radars, Buried Cable Systems and Smart Fences

industry 4.0.

iSIM is used for the management of sensors such as Extractive Gas Analyzers, In-Situ Gas Analyzers, 2D & 3D Machine Vision, Luminescence, Register, Color, Contrast, Pattern Sensors