What Is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is a set of three-phase systems: the internet of things, big data, and cyber-physical systems. It’s a project to bring the information world and the industry together. In parallel, this structure plays an important role in the formation of smart factories. It is based on the principle that the systems are connected to one another.

iSIM Industry 4.0 Platform stands out with its innovative architecture that can create the necessary infrastructures for communication, correlated data, automatic decision making, trend analysis and prediction of all subsystems. Designed with the modern architecture of today’s technology, iSIM offers a flexible and scalable infrastructure, with years of hands-on experience and user demands.

iSIM Industry 4.0 Platform also allows companies to manage their operations at lower costs which makes it unique in efficiency.

Factories require various types of sensors, softwares and solutions from different suppliers and brands. However, integrating them on a single platform is a challenge which can negatively affect the rapid and accurate decision making mechanism.

At this point, iSIM Industry 4.0 Platform comes into play to face this challenge. iSIM collects all the data from sensors, softwares and other endpoints and displays it on a single screen after converting it to meaningful information. This fast analysis helps our clients get an overall view of tasks and make quick and accurate decisions.

Benefits of iSIMPlatform Industry 4.0 Technology

iSIM Industry 4.0 Platform predicts and prevents potential damage before failure occurs in generators, factories, treatment facilities, elevators, tunnels. It extends the life and efficiency of equipment, enables corrective maintenance for critical elements, and reduces downtime in processes and devices, reduces labour costs up to 12%, increases profitability and energy savings while reducing employee workload.

The distinguishing features of iSIM Industry 4.0 Platform are the on-Premise and Cloud installation facility, 100% Web-based Architecture, adaptive and simultaneous updatable workflow, powerful instrument panel that can be adapted to the needs, and the Microservice Architecture which uses the Kubernetes and Docker Container infrastructure.

iSIMPlatform Advantages

According to studies, the following advantages have been discovered in the businesses of companies that have used predictive maintenance.


Increase in OEE


Reduction in deteriorations


Increase in production capacity


Increase on ROI

Main Concepts of Industry 4.0

Big Data
Augmented Reality
Cloud technology
Cyber Security
Internet of Things
system Integration

Gains by iSIMPlatform

MALfunctıon reductıon
paperless busıness
enchacement ın ınterventıon tımes
reductıon ın setup tımes
Oee / productıvıty growth

digitalization of manufacturing

Our response to the shared requirements will be by providing a holistic solution that will resolve current highlighted issues and that will be the foundation of future Industry 4.0 elements for factories.

Collectıng data from the field
Data Analysis & Correlation
Digital Consulting
Alarms & Reporting 
User Friendly Interface
Integration with 3 rd party systems

iSIM In Industry 4.0


Integration into Different Systems

One-Stop Management

Adaptive Workflow (SoP)

User Friendly Interface

Communication with Other Command Centers

Dynamic Screen Management

Detailed Analysis and Reporting


Real-Time Monitoring and Management

Collecting, analyzing and making sense of data

Analysis, Instant Status Notification and Reporting

Quick and efficient response to an emergency or alarm

Elimination of chaotic structure

Cost Optimization

Reducing the errors caused by the human factor

iSIM Industry 4.0 Management Screens

OEE Reports

Production Reports

Adaptive Reports

Production Line Management System Using IoT Sensors

Data collected from sensors can be shared with relevant people via e-mails, notifications, mobile platforms, and websites.The production line management system based on IoT sensors will assist decision makers by providing accurate information from the sensors. Efficiency will be able to increase as a result of having accurate information.

Sensor Management and Monitoring

Production Forecasting and Analysis

Real Time Notification Via Email, Notifications, Mobile Platforms and Websites

Real-Time Monitoring and Management with Graphical Dashboard

Capabilities Of iSIM

Task and Procedure Management
Remote Monitoring And Measurement
Sensor and Endpoint Monitoring
oEE Reports
Event and Alarm Management
Scada Integration And Monitoring
eRP mRP İntegration
Advanced Reporting and Trend Analysis
Unusual Situation Detection
Industrial Equipment Monitoring
2D – 3D Floor Based Plan Monitoring
Predictive Maintenance
Asset Tracking
Building – Facility Management
Energy Monitoring
Security Systems Management

Alarm management and adaptive workflow

With Adaptive Workflows, any type of alarm can be managed from birth to death.

The system is flexible to create and follow different scenarios and processes for various kinds of alarms.

The Workflow for Alarm and Incident Management is a unique feature provided by iSIM; multiple alarms and incidents can be managed at the same time.

Through the Dynamic Workflow Structure, iSIM Platform gives users the freedom to create their own alarm and incident management panels.

Which Protocols Are Supported By iSIM?



Message Queues

MQTT, Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ

Big Data

ElasticSearch, Hadoop, Apache Spark

Social Media & Messages

E-Mail, Twitter, Slack, Telegram, Physical Documents

Static File Database

Microsoft SQL Server, Postgre SQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, ArangoDB Neo4j, Low-level I/O, GPIO

Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform


OPC UA/DA, BACnet, KNX, Modbus TCP/RTU/ASCII, Profinet Profibus, PPI/PPM, ADS, FINS, Host Link, C-mode, DF1, FACON TCP, FACON Serial, Fanuc CCM, Fanuc SNP, Fanuc SNPX, CI Protocol, DirectNet, Melsec, Sucoma, Lecom

Security Standarts Of iSIM

128 Bit SSL Encryption
HTTPS Communication
Bidirectional Encryption
Password Protected
Digital Signature
Certificate Based Encryption
Role Based Protection
Windows Active Directory
Two-Step Authentication

Our other solutions 


As a result of iSIM, more effective intelligent transportation systems will be readily available such as the Red Light Violation Detection System, the Variable Message System, the Corridor Speed Enforcement System, and the Parking Violation Detection System.

Physical Security

It is possible to manage small or large areas using iSIM Physical Security tools, which include security cameras, access control systems, radars, buried cable systems, and smart fences. IGA preferred iSIMPlarform for security management.

Smart cities

iSIM is used to manage sensors for a variety of applications, including lighting, waste management, weather control, energy management, and smart agriculture.